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A baby boy is an item obtained through Marriage and Procreation. Over time, it will grow and allow you to place it into the world as a child.


A baby is obtained through Procreation.


If you obtain a Baby Boy from Creative mode, you must name it before it can be used. Simply right-click while holding the baby to open the naming menu.

Once a baby is ready to grow up, by default after 10 minutes, "Ready to Grow" will show up when hovering over the baby in your inventory.

Right-click the ground when your baby is ready to grow, and it will spawn a Child.

Note: The growing age of a baby can be configured in MCA's Configuration menu.


  • Babies cannot be dropped.
  • MCA is designed to only handle one baby per player. While you may be able to spawn multiple babies from Creative mode, this is not intentional use of babies and should be used at your own risk.