Book: Beware the Infection

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This is an in-game guide book that details the specifics of Infection.


Good day, readers! I've written this book so that you may not end up suffering the same fate as I.

Although I caught the infection, I was luckily able to keep all of my mental faculties.

What is the Infection?

I discovered long ago that the zombies that appear at night are actually villagers in the late stages of infection!

Newly infected villagers turn green, are unable to speak, and occasionally try to bite!


Contrary to popular belief, the infection can be cured if caught in time.

You must first weaken the villager or zombie with a potion.

Then, immediately feed them a golden apple.

Curing pt. 2

Zombies that can be cured often have enlarged heads and noses.

Any other zombies you see unfortunately are too far gone, and cannot be cured.

Curing pt. 3

Zombies will take a couple of minutes to be fully cured.

Villagers who were recently infected, though, and haven't had time to degrade into a full zombie, will be cured instantly!


Villagers are highly susceptible to infection, and children even more so!

If you carry a baby with you while fighting zombies, there is a chance it can become infected.


This item cannot be crafted, it can only be found as a random loot drop in mineshafts, temples, etc.


  • 6.0.0: Initially added.