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Infection is a gameplay element that extends Zombies and Zombie Villagers.

Changes to Zombies

If a zombie attacks a villager, there is a 10% chance that they will become an Infected Villager.

Changes to Zombie Villagers

Regular vanilla Zombie Villagers may be cured in the same way that they are cured in vanilla Minecraft. However, instead of a normal villager resulting from the cure, a Minecraft Comes Alive villager will be spawned instead.

Infected Villagers

Any villager which has become infected will:

  • Be unable to speak coherently.
  • Have a green, zombified skin.
  • May bite nearby players, inflicting minor damage.
  • Not be attacked by other zombies.

Curing Infection

Just like vanilla Minecraft, infected villagers may be cured by using a Potion of Weakness and gifting the villager a Golden Apple.

Infection in Babies

If you carry a baby with you and are damaged by a Zombie, there is a small chance that the baby will become infected.

To cure an infected baby, you must allow it to grow and cure it normally as described above.