Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0-beta for 1.12.2

This version of MCA has been fully rewritten from the ground up to be more user, server, and mod friendly with a streamlined and robust codebase. Compatibility with previous saves should not be expected.

Major: RadixCore is no longer a required dependency.

Feature: Villagers performing a chore or movement action show their status below their name.
Feature: Player marriage has been shifted to the /mca command.
Feature: Added /mca-admin commands for operators and server administrators.
Feature: GUI and API elements have been externalized and may be customized as you please with a constraints system.
Feature: More configuration options for server administrators.
Feature: Children now grow in stages - baby, toddler, child, teen, adult.
Feature: Added Guard careers: Hero, Archer, Warrior.

Changed: Chores are now smarter, require no configuration before running, and should play more nicely with modded items.
Changed: Mining is now called Prospecting.
Changed: Villager personalities and moods no longer affect interactions.
Changed: The crystal ball and setup menu is no longer required.
Changed: Reaper battle has been tweaked for fairness.
Changed: Reviving villagers no longer requires a memorial item.
Changed: Engagement ring now allows marriage with only 50% of the required hearts.

Fixed: Random crashing on servers due to java.lang.ClassCastException when approaching villages.
Fixed: Villagers all have their proper vanilla trades based on their profession.
Fixed: Married to "?" will no longer occur on LAN.
Fixed: Health display issues have been fixed.
Fixed: Lost/forgotten player histories on servers.
Fixed: Villagers should trend towards their home points and not wander too far away.
Fixed: Crashes related to null item stacks.

Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.2

Feature: In-game notifications for updates. Feature: Modified female bodies have been added back. Feature: Player children now take a profession on growing to an adult. Feature: Rose Gold generation can now be disabled.
Changed: "Romantic" interaction constraint changed to "Adults".
Fixed: You are now notified of your child's death. Fixed: Interaction fatigue was not applying properly. Fixed: Crashes resulting from using the Villager Spawner block. Fixed: Inability to interact with some villagers. Fixed: Guards now behave more like normal villagers. Fixed: Villagers from eggs will no longer spawn with the Nitwit or Child profession. Fixed: Negative gifts will no longer be taken from the player. Fixed: Engagement ring now works properly. Fixed: Automatic crash reporting wasn't working properly. Fixed: Inability to procreate with Guards. Fixed: Crash when a villager dies of fall damage. Fixed: Villagers wandering away from their homes. Fixed: The villager editor will no longer produce Pillagers. Fixed: The force child growth command now works properly. Fixed: Romantic actions appearing on non-adults. Fixed: Crashes with other mods referencing onPlaySoundAtEntityEvent. Fixed: Overspawn of guards in villagers. Now limited to 10 guards at a time. Fixed: Missing message for riding horses on spouses.